Despite various backgrounds or industries, the main reason for a successful organisation is highly productive teams. Therefore, companies feel it’s essential to keep their employees happy.

However, many companies still interpret productivity as “to complete quality work quickly and immediately.”

In reality, a company benefits from better performance and out-turn if its employees optimize their time, wellness, and growth alongside the company.

As we all know, time costs money, and money is lost if productivity is affected. This is why productivity has become the limelight and foremost priority of effective organisations.

To ensure highly productive teams or employees, staff need to be happy working for you. From surveys and studies, employees’ productivity strongly correlates to their overall job satisfaction.

Some studies even posit that physical workplaces play a bigger role in defining productivity as co-workers spend the bulk of their time interacting, communicating, and building relationships in this space. Considering the importance of workplace productivity, here are several main factors to increase your employees’ motivation and ultimately, work performance:

1. Boost work effectiveness with intuitive office design

Intuitive design is a process of generating something that people can utilize without any instructions.

At the workplace, it means that by providing amenities in the pantry such as teas, coffee, and snacks, for the employees, so they save time in sourcing them. Another example is the use of technology for meeting rooms, printing services, and restrooms, allowing your teams to perform their routine and tasks efficiently and effectively, and in turn, saving more valuable time for tasks that matter most.

2. Improve employees’ focus by initiating activity and movements

Everybody’s work style is different. As such, it is crucial to create a comfortable and healthy environment that leads to job satisfaction. With a safe and comfy zone, employees have the freedom to move around their workplace, so they didn’t feel restricted to a space and is able to avoid work distraction whenever they are confronted with a “chatty colleague” situation.

Couldn’t focus working in your cubicle? No problem, head over to the meeting booth next to the bean bag.

Research has shown that being active within a workspace throughout the day, including regular walks and movement, brings about many benefits to employees, including productivity improvement and concentration in their work.

3. Create and develop connections to boost job fulfilment

Not everybody is born an extrovert, and we know that introverts are a talented bunch. However, constant social isolation can weaken coworking bonds and could potentially create a toxic circle at the workplace.

Forge a respectful and welcoming environment, so peers can connect their differences and culture to produce a harmonious work environment.

According to the Business Review, despite this digital age’s flexibility to work remotely from anywhere, most digital nomads still crave positive peer-to-peer interaction and communication.

Undoubtedly, remote companies actually organise yearly retreats for their employees to take a break from the confinement of their workspace, and break the ice for workplace bonding and connection.

In fact, studies have shown that productivity is aligned to mental, physical, and motivations. If your employee is happy, they will bring about the wholesome, cultivated healthy office environment, and this positive culture yields success to the business in the long run.

To create a positive work environment for your employees, start scouting for a quality coworking space. Serviced offices might be a good start, too, since they are customisable and personalised to cater to your business whims.

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